We're Getting Ready to Exit at a Big Multiple!...Interested in joining us?

"We're Looking To Partner With  7 More
Motivated to Exit
Marketing Agency Owners...

Who are serious about exiting their agency...
within the next 6 months...
with 200% to 300% more cash in pocket than selling as a 'stand-alone' agency...
simply by joining our private equity backed
'virtual merger' exit programme"

Whose On Board?

Agencies on Board

Meet The Agencies on Board the Virtual Merger

Jamie talks to Perry Anderson, CEO of Private Equity Quadra Global Capital Corp who are guiding the virtual merger agencies to exit.

Jamie talks to Mark Fitzgerald, Co-Founder of London based 3CC about why they joined the virtual merger.

Jamie talks to Agency Leaders from Extra Sauce and R2G Digital who have already joined the Virtual Merger.


So, exactly what is a 'virtual' merger?

A virtual merger gives you all of the benefits of 'super scaling' your agency by merging with other strategic agencies globally, but with non of the risks inherent in a normal integrated merger.

We're building to sell...

The strategy is designed to prepare your agency for sale at the highest possible multiple in the next 6 - 12 months. Only go this route if you are looking for an exit in that time frame.

100% de-risked

What you've built remains yours. You keep 100% of the equity. Also,if at any time you decide our path is no longer a fit for you, we will simply cancel the agreement at no cost and you go back to being a stand alone business.
It's all about the scale.

As an example...If you were selling your 'stand-alone' agency today, with a £/$300,000 ebitda at an industry standard 3X ebitda valuation -  you earn around £/$900,000 on exit before tax- But, as a part of our Virtual Merger, where you stay in control and never give up equity, your £/$900,000 exit number, once scaled as a part of our group could revalue at as much as X8 ebitda, earning you £/$2,400,000
The Scale Effect
The DealMakers

Quadra Capital Corp, Leading the Virtual Merger.


Perry M. Anderson,
Founder & CEO of Quadra Capital Corp

The virtual merger is being guided with and managed by Quadra Global Capital Capital, a London and Vancouver based private equity company. The Quadra team, headed by founder and CEO Perry M. Anderson have exemplary credentials in finance, acquisitions, mergers and IPOs. They bring over 150 years of deal experience to our Virtual merger partnerships. Quadra guide the merger from inception to exit. You're in safe hands.


Martin O'Donoghue.
Legal 500 Lawyer and Financial Entrepreneur.​

Results-driven and commercially focused solicitor, with an MBA and background as a founder and builder of businesses. Consistently recognised by the Legal 500 (2016 - 2021 editions) for advising on M&A transactions.
Martin possesses a comprehensive knowledge of M&A, private equity, joint ventures and corporate transactions generally; alongside a strong knowledge of commercial contracts and banking.

The Quadra Capital Corp team bring over 150 years in M&A experience to the 'virtual merger' space.


Rise Strategies, Building the Agency Network

At Rise, we focus on business strategy. We work with business owners on growth through acquisitions, joint ventures and of course, virtual mergers. We see these three pillars as the key to fast manageable business growth. We are advisers to corporate and private equity houses with people on the ground in the Uk, EU and USA.


Jamie Sylvian,
Founder at Rise Strategies

Joint-Founded a company that sold for £200m
Jamie Sylvian is the Founder at Rise Strategies. Jamie was a joint-founder in a tiny London marketing business called SIRA, it became a Multi-Million £ revenues business, rebranded as Uswitch.com and sold to EW Skripps in the USA for £210M in 2006. As Founder at Rise and also an investor, Jamie partners with and acquire SME companies with revenues from £500k to £20m He has interests in Digital, IT, Real Estate, builds mergers and joint ventures between companies and partner with Private Equity to find, fund and acquire businesses for himself, his partners and clients.


Steve Moran.
+30 years in finance, M&A specialist.

Leading the Rise team finance strategy, Steve has grouped companies and taken them to IPO in various sectors. Steve has been a finance professional for the last 30 years and up until 2004 had worked in number of corporate roles in industries including manufacturing, media, construction and telecommunications. More recently, Steve has been aiding a small engineering / manufacturing group acquire complementary businesses performing due diligence and post acquisition implementation roles. This culminated in an IPO onto a London Exchange in June 2020.

In our Virtual Merger partnership with Quadra and the agency brands, our role is to engage with agency owners interested in becoming a member of the group. Jamie meets with owners directly while Steve takes care of the numbers.

Call Rise on - UK: +44 (0) 20 7 039 3794 / US: +1 (516) 715 1 699 / Schedule a ZOOM Call
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Your Place inThe Virtual Merger

Monthly 1hr ZOOM meeting with all members of the Virtual Merger to discuss strategy

Cross selling opportunities within the group to spread your brand and maximise value for all group members.

Quarterly accounts review to discuss the growth of the group as additional companies come on board.

£1000/$1500 month

Management fee is per month, payable in advance, to fund our outreach to grow the merger and add ultimate value.

Plus applicable VAT/Sales Taxes


Rise & Quadra will manage the agancy on-boarding grpup development and engagement with potential acquirers in Private Equity, Family Offices and Trade Buyers.

All businesses within the group will be independently valued by a 3rd party valuations process

You will have the option to withdraw from the exit if it is not appropriate for you.

You will have a vote in all actions pertaining to the VM and exit strategy negotiations.

Assistance with introductions to respected finance, due diligence and legal specialists.

Rise & Quadra retain (in total) 20% of added value on exit



+44 (0) 20 7 039 3794

New York

+1 (516) 715 1 699

Rise Strategies Ltd Rise is a Global Acquisitions and Joint Venture Advisory Company. Uk Address Kemp House 152-160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX Company Number 121430 - Corporate details